Supporting your family

It’s not just about knowing the Law. A good solicitor must be able to explain it, apply it and offer choices that reflect and respect the different priorities that clients have….. and then come up with practical and, on occasions, innovative solutions.

Accessible Family Law is a niche, owner managed solicitor’s practice specialising in all aspects of Family Law with clients across the whole country.


Families are at the heart of all of our lives and come in many different shapes and sizes. When things are going well, they provide us with our greatest joy and security. When things are not going well, they bring out our deepest fears. Ending a relationship that no longer works is not a failure: it is a mature and respectful thing to do and opens the way for better times ahead. When you both know what is best for the children but cannot agree, I can help you find the solution.


Navigating the law and the inevitable compromises is uncomfortable and filled with uncertainty. As a knowledgeable advisor, I can guide you through the process and offer you choices. A family is still a family, even if they live in two different houses and parents still have to work together to successfully co-parent their children through to adulthood.  As a solicitor, I adopt a firm, non-confrontational approach and can help to take the heat out of unpleasant situations.

Accessible Family Law is designed with the needs of the client at the heart of the business and makes Family Law truly accessible to everyone. It is a “Judgespeak” free practice, where practical and effective advice is given on transparent and straight forward (VAT free) payment terms at a time and in a place convenient for you.

If you are looking for an approachable, experienced and knowledgeable solicitor who talks your language, appreciates your concerns and works with you rather than for you, contact me to arrange a free initial interview.